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We are a full service creative agency Wollongong, specialised in branding consultancy and production – Adcraft develops brands, media, and technology that engage and lead your audience to the desired action. Our team combines research, design, and advertising to create impactful branding systems that seduce and conquer. Our Designers work alongside our Branding Specialists to craft visual identities that are capable of deeply influencing the public’s perception. 

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Our creative agency excels in designing meaningful, gripping creative solutions that bring your brand ahead of competitors. We master the integration of Visual identities with compelling copywriting and impactful imagery to gift your Business with the consistent power of attracting prospects like bees to honey. Our Branding strategies are fully integrated with all digital platforms and analogical assets, such as printing material, and are 100% user experience-focused to fuel attachment to your Brand.

A strong, immediate connection to your Brand’s visual elements, is the very first touchpoint to build long-lasting relationships with prospects and customers. Being able to inspire trust in your audience is the foundation of your Brand resilience over a highly competitive market, within an ever-changing digital landscape. At our creative agency Wollongong, we take pride in crafting perfectly designed brands that last and move people to take action.


We don’t make assumptions. We research the market, instead. We value data over opinions and we thoroughly study your ideal customer behaviour and profile, learning everything there is to know about your niche and industry. By adopting the market perspective first, our creative agency the clarity upon which to build strategies that we can test and monitor with knowledge of the facts. We then connect all the dots to execute consistent communication that not only wins over your audience’s approval in the short term, but also the ability to linger in their heart and mind on a long-term relationship. 


Branding is not just a Logo. Branding is the overall communication of your Brand Identity, from visuals to your tone of voice, from the effectiveness of your procedures to the core values you operate your business by. The approach our creative agency takes for branding is holistic, deeply rooted in consumer psychology and most important, it is fluid and responsive to the ever-changing digital world.

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Our Branding methods involve an in-depth understanding of your Business industry and your organisation specifics. We take the effort to analyse your business history and goals to identify points of strength and weakness to improve. During our research process, we are able to determine what hasn’t worked so far and why – whilst uncovering the potential. Our creative agency consider knowledge the foundation for crafting a strategy that perfectly fits your needs and that delivers sustainable results. 

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Our Designers have an infallible eye for beauty and they are always forerunning current trends. Design is about making things attractive and intuitive, whether be your website/app interface, your graphics, your logo, your photography or your copywriting. We craft solutions that make it easy and smooth for your prospect to relate with your brand, interact with it and, of course, make the decision to trust it.

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Our Portfolio

Adcraft is a creative agency that has worked alongside of both small and large brands across Australia and the Globe. Whilst we would love to work alongside of every enquiry, we limit the work that we onboard to ensure the best service to our current clients. For some of our recent collaborations and projects we have had the pleasure working with most recently, view below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a logo? Why is it important?

A logo is a symbol associated with your company name and promise. A logos’ purpose is not communication. This is the responsibility of other marketing strategies, such as branding or advertising. Instead, a logo’s main function is identification. It is a symbol that is effectively associated with your brand. A logo needs to be simple, appropriate, and memorable. 

Simple because it needs to appear in different sizes and formats. Too many details or complexity can be lost in translation and make the logo unrecognizable or hard to read. Appropriate because, although it does not necessarily need to represent the service or the product itself, it still needs to be suitable to the industry. For example, if you are a plumber, it is appropriate to have a water drop as a logo, but much less appropriate to have a thunder.

However, memorability is the most important characteristic of a logo because it is intrinsic to its function. A memorable logo is what stands out and helps the customer not only to remember a specific brand but to have a positive feeling associated with it. For a consult with Wollongong’s number one creative agency, contact us today.

Do I need branding?

Branding is part of the marketing strategy that determines the gut feeling your audience will have towards your company. If you feel that your brand could be strengthened, it is wise to speak to a creative agency.

Branding is the very foundation of every business because through branding you can communicate your business values and position in the market. For instance, if a company’s marketing strategy is to target Millenials that are concerned about environmental issues, the branding will be designed to appeal to this particular audience. This would be done by communicating eco-friendly values consistently and efficiently across the business dynamic.

From business cards made with recycled material to non-plastic packaging with organic texture; from a minimal Web Design to a copywriting that inspires awareness about the future of the planet. Every company, no matter how big or small needs consistent, strong branding from day one. Our creative agency that can help with any of the above.

Does your agency handle branding?

Yes. As a full-service creative agency, we handle Branding as single service or as part of our full-service packages. Either way, we consider Branding as part of a Company Marketing Strategy and that’s why we develop a Branding strategy only after having researched the Industry, competitors, the SWAP analysis and so on.

Branding is not just about visual appeal, it is mainly your Company positioning within the market – and therefore the dominant factors in regards to prices and sales. In Wollongong, we are one of the few creative agencies that excel in establishing Brands effectively and concisely—grounding the work on data, studies and research. Marketing is the puppeteer behind solid brands. Without a thorough strategy, you have only guess work.

Should I rebrand my business?

If your business is not performing well, it is important to investigate the underlying causes. If you find indicators that your branding can be stronger, it might be wise to consider. However, like branding in the first place, it should be anchored in solid research that has covered the study of competitors, a SWOT analysis, and your positioning in the market.

As a creative agency, Adcraft Studio is a creative agency who has successfully rebranded many companies, with the use of a thorough and well-executed marketing strategy.

How much does a logo cost?

As with any creative agency, prices for a logo can vary depending on a myriad of factors. Quoting an hourly rate is usually not a preferred method for designers. First of all, it can be highly inaccurate.

An inexperienced junior designer might spend hours trialing designs, or perhaps being unaware of software procedures and shortcuts. Whereas a senior designer could complete the same product much more quickly.

In our experience, the best way to quote a logo is by project, following three simple parameters; its extent of the project, the level of the designer, and the level of the company. Generally speaking, pricing depends on several factors and differs case-by-case. However, asking a designer for an estimated price will always be free.

What is the difference between a logo and branding?

A logo is just a symbol that identifies your Brand and it has to be consistent with your Branding strategy. It can be a graphic, typographical of the brand or a combination of both. It is important for it to be simple, appropriate and memorable.

Branding is a broader process that involves designing a Communication Strategy able to visually  convey the core message of your company (which has been outlined in your Business Plan and Marketing Strategy). It includes the logo, the fonts, imagery style, color palettes, layouts and any other graphic for marketing collateral (business cards, packaging etc).

Even if you have paid a Graphic Designer for a professional  logo, but all the other visual elements are not consistent within a Branding Strategy, your Company will not be perceived as cohesive and legitimate. This is because 70 years of Advertising has subconsciously trained our eye to recognise and appreciate patterns and visual consistency.

We do suggest to our customers to develop a Brand Style Guide: a document that is designed to illustrate how all the visual elements need to appear in the different formats (print or digital) and according to the specifications. These precious documents can be used by any employee of your Company to ensure your Branding comes across as consistent and accurate in every circumstance. For a consult with a branding expert at Wollongong’s best creative agency, contact us today.