February 2019
What is Inbound Marketing? Why is it Important for my Business? Overview and Tips
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This article looks at Inbound Marketing, an overview of the Inbound Marketing cycle, and tips on how to implement an inbound strategy for your business.

What is Inbound Marketing? Overview and Tips.


Inbound marketing is a contemporary means of attracting, engaging and delighting customers through various means of service and communication. What has sparked the shift toward this methodology is the measured change in the modern buyer’s behavior. This is largely due to overexposure to, and greater awareness of hard-selling techniques and placing barriers between themselves and the seller’s messages.

The inbound marketing cycle

Attracting is about creating content that is designed to be informative, and addresses the problems faced by potential clients. By doing so, you will attract higher qualified prospects to your service. You can attract new clients through your website, blog, social media, and other informative means.

Once your potential clients have arrived, you engage the customer with high-quality customer service, good business practices, and communication. Positive experiences for your consumer will deliver a positive impact on your brand, image, and business.

Remember, what is good for the customer is always good for your business.

Finally, to delight, the customer is to provide high quality, ongoing service where you act as an empathetic expert adviser.

Inbound marketing is a better approach to a market, is proven to drive sales, and provides greater value to your customer. It is very valuable to increase your business’ efforts (if you haven’t done so already) on your inbound strategy for the modern buyer; you are no longer needed to fight for your buyer’s attention.

You too can attract prospects with inbound strategies!

Here’s how to get started:

  • Identify your target market and audience. Learn all you can about them! You must understand what makes your customers tick to deliver valuable content.
  • Determine your own unique, compelling story, communicate your mission and highlight the reasons your business is of value. Why should your audience listen to you?
  • Choose the delivery platforms through market research, who are you trying to reach? Will you blog? Tweet? Use Facebook? Pinterest?
  • Create and execute your content calendar.

Now, understanding the concept, and realizing the greater ROI of the inbound marketing philosophy; it is important to take action; plan, implement, trial and test your new inbound strategy to reap the rewards. The growth of your business will be fuelled by your happy customers, through word of mouth promotion, or by their continued return to your business.

Jarrett Austin

A Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s Scholar) Marketing and Public Relations graduate with a background in data and sales. Jarrett is our Marketing Director who knows the ins and outs for your business’s marketing success.

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