May 2019
Video Will Grow Your Business
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This article explores the benefits of video marketing, and some tips on how to approach planning for your next video.

Video Will Grow Your Business


A video is how to say it.

To say what? Who you are and how you can help your potential customer. That’s all your clients want to know. They don’t care to hear you bragging about your being the absolute best, or your last-minute-offer-you-cannot-miss and neither of the many stars reviews shining on your business. They might want to hear about those, but later on. First thing’s first: “What can you do for me? How does your product work? What is it exactly you are selling me? Do I need it? Am I going to benefit directly?”. Your potential customer needs to understand the benefits. A video is your best chance to expose yourself and win trust. 

Videos do it better.

As video combine sounds, images and words, a video is a very powerful medium and can entertain at the same time, even when the subject itself is not. Videos are powerful because allow you to talk about anything in a clear, positive and impactful way. Moreover, videos allow you to be subtle. While written texts grant just a certain amount of “between the lines”, video can be extremely conceptual and still extremely effective. You can promote your brand without doing it openly. Why is that even important? Because although you need to be very clear about what you can offer. The result you want to obtain is a well-informed customer who feels connected to you.


The unquestionable supremacy of movies among the art and communication form proves that videos are the way to reach the emotional side of the viewer. That’s because you are not just transmitting information, you are sharing an idea. An idea that can hit you like a bolt of lightning. Let’s say you are a brand that sells vegan frozen food: your video can, for instance, depict a young kid, cuddling a baby cow in a carpet of fresh grass, with the sunrise as a background and inspirational music to sew everything up. It is like saying “Vegan Frosties believe in a world like this, do you?”. Of course, you do! Why wouldn’t you? As a vegan person, these are the values you that speak to you. It is not just the word “vegan food” that matters to you, it is the big final picture of a brighter future for both planet earth and its animals. Be minded: you are selling your brand, but you are also part of a mission – even if you are a hairdresser.

Make them laugh.

Be funny and you will be remembered. If you fear that comical doesn’t match with the professionalism I can understand. Certainly, there are many cases where being funny is inappropriate. However, as Jerry Seinfeld teaches us, there are many messages we can share through satire – actually, more than what we could say without. The point is, making fun of your service or product doesn’t disqualify them at all. On the contrary, not only you can easily capture the viewer’s attention, not only you can inspire positive emotions related to the laughter but also you have more freedom of speech. Let’s set up an example: your brand name is Golfy and you sell golf balls. Your video can be about ‘5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy Golfy balls” and you can go through 5 absurd examples, like you hitting a seagull because they are meant to fly” or like because your wife would divorce you for how much time you spend at golf club since your Golfy balls work so good. You are being humorous but the message that is passed is how great and fun your product is.

Why promote video production with an article? Isn’t it nonsense? We do believe in the good old copywriting and we think your advertising strategy should be comprehensive and use of both of course.

Jarrett Austin

A Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s Scholar) Marketing and Public Relations graduate with a background in data and sales. Jarrett is our Marketing Director who knows the ins and outs for your business’s marketing success.

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