June 2020
6 Reasons QR Codes Are Effective For Inbound Marketing
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The Benefits of Using a QR Code for Inbound Marketing Strategies


Today’s world is all about convenience and saving time. Nowadays QR codes are a commonly used tool to assist in the swift sharing of information. I’m sure that whenever you have seen a QR code you simply see a QR code and nothing more. However, what you’re not seeing is that QR codes are a new creative, and innovative way to bring extraordinary benefits to your business… if you use them correctly of course. 


Improve Your Networking With QR Codes

Promoting, sharing and networking has never been easier. Your prospects can quickly scan your QR code from any digital or printed platform that you’d like. Slap your QR Code to flyers, magazine ads, t-shirts, stickers, or as we would recommend business cards. That’s right, you can now digitise your business cards.

Connect your QR Code to a Linktree or Biolinks profile and your customers now have access to all information they could need. Your biography, website, social media, portfolio, book now, and call button are all in one place. With our client D.FRAME ELECTRICAL we have gone beyond the traditional ancient design of a business card. No longer does a client need to type in a phone number, or URL. With one simple scan, all of the information is now at their fingertips. It’s efficient, effective, and not to mention, memorable.

QR Codes for Inbound Marketing

Capture Data With Ease

QR Codes make capturing data quick and paperless. Say goodbye to filling forms! Now a simple scan will allow your customers to fill out forms into whatever database that you desire. Free up time for you and your staff by digitising your paperwork duties. 

QR Codes are an Effortless Call-To-Action

QR codes can be linked to any media: from videos to coupons. You can link them to your email or call now button, so once they’re scanned they can reach out to you right away. Your prospects want everything to be effortless and time-effective. It is in your best interest as a business owner to optimise and ease up each process in an engaging way.

Use Your QR Code to Capture Leads

That’s right, QR codes have opened the door to a brand new way to capture leads. This can be done through promotional reward deals. Link your QR Code to a landing page where users can receive a discount code, or a free item after filling in a contact form. There is your lead, thank you very much!

QR Codes Improve Your SEO

We all want better SEO since that is where the hot leads come from. The good news is that QR codes practically became a habit during the pandemic. For most people, it is almost a natural gesture to scan. In the past, printed marketing collateral such as business cards and flyers ended up in the bin. Now QR codes are simply a link that effortlessly funnels traffic to your website. More traffic equals more SEO, and it’s better for the planet. Sounds like a win to me!

It Gives Power Back To Your Audience. 

People are fed up with unsolicited sponsored marketing. It’s everywhere! On buildings, flyers, television, in your spam emails, and it’s even crept its way into your Instagram feed. However, this was not a resource that you shoved in their faces. Your audience was intrigued by your QR code. They chose to scan it, they chose to explore the page. This is inbound marketing at its finest!

If you are interested in QR code marketing for your business contact us today.

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