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What is cgi photography?

CGI is software-generated hyper realistic still or animated visual content. There is no traditional camera or no traditional photoshoot involved. A 3d artist re-creates your product digitally, enhancing the environment with no limitations to creativity and reproducing the best lighting conditions to make your photography outstanding. This way, you are not bound to a specific location or to an expensive production budget. Not to mention the hassle of having all your products available at the same time – to get your catalogue photography. CGI is simply the most cost-effective and impactful technology to showcase your product to the world – not only online, but also through printed material.

Photography That Impacts

Game-changing product photography at a fraction of the cost

Surely you are aware of the difference it makes to showcase arresting, professional product photography on your social media and website. CGI photography may be the practical solution you were looking for to nail imagery that gives justice to the quality of your product.

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benefits of CGI photography

The point to be made is that CGI photography is a cost-effective option to own arresting, dazzling, unforgettable product imagery, also dramatically increasing the purchase chances. If you are interested in what CGI can specifically do for your company’s product or services, we offer a free consultation with no-strings-attached in which we can go through case studies and make sure CGI is the right option for you.

Photoshoots are time-consuming: finding the location, getting all the products ready, shooting different scenes, logistics, transportation and so forth. To make a full catalogue and also produce some snaps for social media often becomes an odyssea. Often, business owners end up settling with average rushed photography or even worse DIY pictures taken with a phone and no proper lighting. One of the main advantages of CGI is efficiency and usability, we can service your needs from anywhere in Australia! Simply ship your products to us. All the work is done remotely by our team of experts, which design, plan and create the perfect imagery for your products – without the long wait for editing that follows traditional photoshoot.

Taking a great photoshoot is expensive. Not only the cost of hiring a studio, paying a professional photographer and such, but often the cost of decorating the environment where the product is placed. CGI photography is executed in our office – with no needs of props, lighting, features or location whatsoever.

If you were taking a traditional photoshoot you would have a limited option in choosing the scenography and prompts. With CGI you can vary the decorations elements and the scenery context without any limitation. Your photography can really stand out with eye-mesmerising scenography which also contributes to the communication of your product’s value. With CGI there is no limit to the diversity of your concepts.

As a Marketing Agency and Branding Studio, this is our favourite benefit. 3D objects, aka your product, can be altered, changed the angle, changing the position, the background, the context, even the colours without the hassle you would encounter in traditional photography. Last but not least, changing product appearance is easily doable if changes occur or add-ons get included.

CGI photography can serve different purposes all in one; it can be tailored to be part of an ad or posted on social media or appear in your printed catalogue: that’s because once your product model is rendered in the 3d software it can be modified to fit any context.

CGI photography creates neat and aesthetically memorable pictures of your product. But you can expand this further by bringing in a usability factor. By implementing a 3d model on your website, the user can pan around the object, or the packaging of the object, and familiarise themselves with the brand. This kind of augmented reality interaction creates a positive experience and a stronger connection with the product – which also translates into an easier sale.

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