April 2021
Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media If It’s Not Already
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Why your Business Should be Using Social Media if it’s not Already

Does it ever feel impossible to promote your business whilst remaining likeable? If so, it sounds like social media is the missing link between you and your customers. Social media is the keystone of modern marketing. It provides many benefits to businesses. To stay relevant in the modern world, it is vital for a business to take advantage of social media.


Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

Get ready to become more visible than ever! By using social media you as the business have complete control over what you say and how often you say it. This allows your business to stay relevant amongst a sea of competitors. Not only are you keeping your business relevant, but social media allows others to keep your business relevant too. With likes, comments and shares your customers will now play a role in your online presence.

Remember! Not everything that you post has to be an advertisement. You can harness social media to show people your company’s personality and values. Think of your social media as the voice of your business.


A Social Media Presence Can Make You More Likable

Now that you have discovered the new voice of your business it’s time to harness it. When a business makes use of its social media it indicates to customers that it is reliable, authentic, and personable. To be likeable on social media you need to post regularly, have a consistent voice, invite discussion, and not be overly promotional.

So be creative and have fun with it!

Doing all of this will encourage your customers to engage with you and will grow your following. To learn more about how to successfully run your social media check out our other blog article on. And if running social media is just not your thing you can always allow professionals to manage it for you.


Social Media Adds a New Dimension to Customer Service

Social media is a tool that provides instant communication between brands and consumers. This makes it a great instrument for a business to advertise with. Simultaneously, it also creates a space for consumers to sing your praise and to raise their concerns about your business.

But don’t let this scare you!

Yes, social media provides a platform for customers to share their opinion. However, it also opens the door for you to create a unique and deepened relationship with your customers. Nurture this relationship. Build loyalty through conversation, address your customer’s concerns in real-time, and share positive feedback. Spending time and energy on this relationship will only strengthen your reputation and likability. It will also increase customer satisfaction.

Remember! Not everything that you post has to be an advertisement. You can harness social media to show people your company’s personality and values. Think of your social media as the voice of your business.


Social Media Will Improve Your SEO

It’s the question every business wants answered. How do I get my business to the top of the search results? SEO is a long-term strategy that is improved in a multitude of ways. One of the ways to improve it is through the use of social media.

Whilst keywords are important your business will never make it to the top without backlinking. Owning multiple social media accounts across platforms increases your domain authority. In simple terms, by posting regularly on social media, search engines will regard your business as real and trustworthy. This will allow your website to rank more highly when searched for.

Social media platforms to consider:

For more information, feel free to read our blog post ‘What is SEO? Is it Necessary?’


Social Media Is Cost-Effective

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to place a television, radio, or print ad? The answer: a scary amount. Do you know what is free to create? That’s right! Social media. Social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing. This makes it particularly important for small businesses to utilize. Even if you choose to run a paid promotion on social, this will come at a fraction of the cost compared to more traditional methods of advertising.

Not only is it good for the wallet but social media marketing is highly successful. The reach that social media provides compared to other forms of marketing is astronomical.

Large reach + cheap budget = the best of both worlds!

So what are you waiting for? Improve your business through the power of social media today! If you have any questions regarding the worth of social media marketing for your business feel free to contact us.


Emma Sloane

Emma Sloane has a Major in Global and Screen Media, a Minor in Digial and Social Media Marketing. Emma is currently completing her 4th year in Communications and Media (Dean's Scholar) and works at AdCraft Studio as a Marketing Assistant and Copywriter.

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